Breathable Porous Pet Backpack Carrier MFB45


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There are 4 color for your pet, Grey-Green, Grey-Blue, Grey-Orange, Blue-Green. The bag can fold up, easy to carry outside.
Bag Size: 34*32*43 CM
Pet Weight ≤9kg
Product Feature:
❶ Built-in Safety Rope
❷ SBS Self-locking Zipper(Prevent pets from opening the zipper from the inside)
❸ Foldable roller blind(More breathable)
❹ Four Seasons Universal Mat

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Weight 1 kg

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Breathable Porous Pet Backpack Carrier MFB45_9
Breathable Porous Pet Backpack Carrier MFB45_11
Breathable Porous Pet Backpack Carrier MFB45_12
Breathable Porous Pet Backpack Carrier MFB45_13
Breathable Porous Pet Backpack Carrier MFB45_14


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