Best Apple Gold Plastic Protective iPhone 6 Cases Or Covers For iPhone 6 IPS601


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There are 3 color of iPhone 6 case for you to choose, Golden, Transparent White, Black.

This case doesn’t include APPLE logo.

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Weight 4 kg

5 reviews for Best Apple Gold Plastic Protective iPhone 6 Cases Or Covers For iPhone 6 IPS601

  1. Warbritton

    I of course ordered this because it was what I was looking for as far as form and function go.

  2. Wickert

    Phone case fits perfectly. It’s lightweight while providing full protection.

  3. Poremba

    First day using the new case with the iphone6. Case is thin, seek, and yet still feels durable. haven’t niticed the issue so far.

  4. Hay

    I bought this case before I got the iphone 6 and when I actually got the phone it just fitted very good. This is second time for me trying this company and they just make the right product and very best quality.

  5. Andruss

    I’ve had this case on my new iPhone 6 for a day. It fits very well and does not detract from the thin sleek iPhone 6 design, it actually enhances it. As for the buttons they are aligned properly and I only notice a very slight resistance from the power button.

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