4000mAh Slim Protective iPhone X Charger Case Cover IPS109


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There are 3 color for your iPhone X, Red, Black, Gold.

Product Feature:
1. Add more battery life for your iPhone X. And it takes 2~3 hours for full charge the charger case.
2. Ultra thin and Lightweight.
3. Manually turn the power on and off. One click the back case power button, light on and start charging; double-click the power button, light off and stop charging.

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Additional information

Weight 2 kg

3 reviews for 4000mAh Slim Protective iPhone X Charger Case Cover IPS109

  1. Mathis

    Absolutely love this battery and case. Amazing battery life.

  2. Redman

    I bought this battery case for my iPhone X because I keep forgetting to put a charging cable in my purse. Especially when I’m at work. This case has saved me many a time when I forget to bring a cable.

  3. Sappington

    This case is great case for charging your battery. I travel frequently for work and use my phone is constantly in use for GPS, camera, email, etc. When the battery runs low, you push a small button on the back of the case then it starts to charge.

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