Cheap iPad Air Cases With Keyboard 2017 New iPad Cover Keyboard IP506

$40.00 $39.00

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There are ten color of covers for your iPad Air,Air 2 and 2017 new iPad.

Product features:

  • 1. Full protection for your iPad Air
  • 2. Built-in rechargeable aluminum battery life up to 5 years
  • 3. 2 hours charging stand 3 months, up to 80 hours continuous operation

Instructions for use: (Note: Please look carefully, if you do not understand you can ask our customer service staff)

  • 1. Open the switch, prompted two seconds and then turns off lights
  • 2. Locate the Connect button on the keyboard (above the keyboard round the flag) hidden inside a metal switch with the beat go on, the keyboard lights flashing prompt, opens flat “Bluetooth” (non-WIFI) scanning equipment, scanning the beginning of a B equipment click on it
  • 3. A prompt window (do not click Cancel) directly by a window a few numbers on the keypad, then press Enter, OK to complete the connection

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Product Details:

cheap-cool-ipad-5-cases-with-keyboard-IP506_4cheap-cool-ipad-5-cases-with-keyboard-IP506_5cheap-cool-ipad-5-cases-with-keyboard-IP506_6cheap-cool-ipad-5-cases-with-keyboard-IP506_7cheap-cool-ipad-5-cases-with-keyboard-IP506_8cheap-cool-ipad-5-cases-with-keyboard-IP506-red_9cheap-cool-ipad-5-cases-with-keyboard-IP506-red_10cheap-cool-ipad-5-cases-with-keyboard-IP506-red_11cheap-cool-ipad-5-cases-with-keyboard-IP506-dark-purple_12cheap-cool-ipad-5-cases-with-keyboard-IP506-dark-purple_13cheap-cool-ipad-5-cases-with-keyboard-IP506-dark-purple_14cheap-cool-ipad-5-cases-with-keyboard-IP506-light-purple_15cheap-cool-ipad-5-cases-with-keyboard-IP506-light-purple_16cheap-cool-ipad-5-cases-with-keyboard-IP506-sky-blue_17cheap-cool-ipad-5-cases-with-keyboard-IP506-sky-blue_18cheap-cool-ipad-5-cases-with-keyboard-IP506-sky-blue_19cheap-cool-ipad-5-cases-with-keyboard-IP506-sky-blue_20cheap-cool-ipad-5-cases-with-keyboard-IP506-sky-blue_21cheap-cool-ipad-5-cases-with-keyboard-IP506-pink_22cheap-cool-ipad-5-cases-with-keyboard-IP506-pink_23cheap-cool-ipad-5-cases-with-keyboard-IP506-pink_24cheap-cool-ipad-5-cases-with-keyboard-IP506-white_25cheap-cool-ipad-5-cases-with-keyboard-IP506-white_26cheap-cool-ipad-5-cases-with-keyboard-IP506-white_27cheap-cool-ipad-5-cases-with-keyboard-IP506-black_28cheap-cool-ipad-5-cases-with-keyboard-IP506-black_29cheap-cool-ipad-5-cases-with-keyboard-IP506-black_30Cheap iPad Air Cases With Keyboard 2017 New iPad Cover Keyboard IP506_31Cheap iPad Air Cases With Keyboard 2017 New iPad Cover Keyboard IP506_32cheap-cool-ipad-5-cases-with-keyboard-IP506-light-green_33cheap-cool-ipad-5-cases-with-keyboard-IP506-light-green_34cheap-cool-ipad-5-cases-with-keyboard-IP506-light-green_35

14 reviews for Cheap iPad Air Cases With Keyboard 2017 New iPad Cover Keyboard IP506

  1. Nieves

    I don’t use it every day, I just use it in some class days when I don’t feel like using a stylus. Everything is working perfectly even after a year. The case itself is also really sturdy and still looks good.

  2. Zachary

    This case turns your ipad into a laptop without the weight or size. And it’s so attractive and stands out in the crowd of same ole same ole black cases. Yes, the keyboard might be a bit small for someone with HUGE fingers, but it works great for my largish hands. I love everything about it and the price didn’t cause me any pain in the pocket!

  3. Javier

    Chic, very functional, light weight. The delete button on the keyboard is actually the ‘off’ key and continue to make that mistake although it turns right back on. The keyboard does hold a charge for a couple of hours, longer if you turn it off in between uses and does charge quickly. Would make the same purchase again. Very happy with it.

  4. Richie

    Finally bought an IPad but couldn’t bring myself to pay $100+ for a run of the mill case at one of the big box stores so I ventured on to to see what was available. Found this unbelievably great deal. Wireless keyboard AND a leather case for well under $50. Keyboard is perfect, and the leather case is stylish. Couldn’t be happier.

  5. Sherry

    Me and my grand baby love it . She has it most of the time. Love the look. Would recommend it to other.

  6. Karisa

    Have only used the keyboard for a week so so far so good. It is very responsive to the touch and is easy to use. The case is attractive and will probably travel well. Hope it continues to meet expectations. I think it’s a very good value and excellent price.

  7. Raul

    I was skeptical about the keyboard but it works great as long as you keep it charged. Would have liked the brown to be black but whatever the case is good.

  8. Bonny

    After lots of online searching and reading reviews by others, I made the decision to purchase this product for my iPad Air. It is exactly what I waa shopping for and I am so glad that I went with a keyboard. It is smaller than a laptop keyboard, of course, but that is not a problem at all. Typing is still much easier than using the iPad’s keyboard, especially for longer responses or when more typing is needed. This is just what I wanted!

  9. Myong

    Fantastic keyboard and case. Very stylish and works brilliantly. And you can’t beat the price , I would Definitely recommend this case.

  10. Darnell

    This item was a great buy for me the price was reasonable. I received a case as well as a key board for my IPad Air. it’s light and easy to carry as well as business looking. I chose this item because I love Pink and it had everything I need. I’m able to take notes in church as the speaker speakers.

  11. Rebeca

    Love this case. Versatile with several positions. Perfect for lap viewing while sitting. Magnetic closure works well. Excellent color choices.

  12. Granville

    I love the color. I love the whole case plus simple keyboard. Didn’t think I would use it much but I sure am.

  13. Mergen

    This is a very nice case and it really looks good. I’m very happy with it. Can’t beat the price either.

  14. Perencevich

    I absolutely love this case. It is well made and I love the color (pink). I looked at the Apple cases and didn’t like the colors or the high price. Highly recommend. You will not be disappointed.

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