Best Apple Lightning Cable Are Available In

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You might think that there’s not much you can do to improve on the standard old Lightning to USB cables that you get with new iPhones and iPads, but you’re wrong. provides new Apple Lightning Cable IOSC01 in their store, which use environmental protection TPE material(Flexible tactile corrosion resistant and wear resistant), and use high conductivity copper(which is faster in data transmission speed and charging rate).


Type: USB to Lightning
Length: 30cm~200com
Colors: White,Orange,Silver,Blue,Fruit Green

Design Highlights
1. It provides 3 kinds of Apple Lightning Cable for users.

2. Different color for you to choose.
Optional four-color for you to choose! Bluee, orange, green, white!
Cheap Best Apple Lightning Cable IOSC01_17

3. Flat Design.
It’s easy to take, anti-wound.